PubMed Data Mining using AI Based Qinsight Platform

  • Glad Mohesh Department of Physiology, Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute, Ammpettai, Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu, INDIA.
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Data search for literature review both in the field of research as well as in the practice of evidence medicine has moved from the traditional books to internet-based resources long time ago. With the advent of smartphones and the tabs internet-based resources have become so popular among the researchers. In the meantime, there is a huge surge in the research from the corners of the Globe wherein these databases like PubMed, Web of Science are being flooded with evidences on topics across different disciplines from the rigorous scientific explorations being made by several scientists. These evidences lie in the above said databases and when a researcher finds his interest in a specific topic and for reasons of no duplication of the research as well as not to land up in an already existing evidence, a literature review in all aspects of the particular area wherein he has decided to begin his research is very essential.

A database with huge amount of data for every keyword that is used for detecting the published literature support is an extremely difficult task with every other keyword giving almost thousands of research articles. Read more. . .

PubMed Data Mining using AI Based Qinsight Platform
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